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Ignite Your Brain for Success

If you really have so much potential, why are you NOT using all of it? The latest brain science delivers the answers you need to break free and unlock the hidden power of your subconscious mind so you can earn more, live more, and achieve more than ever before.

Unleash Your Brain’s Hidden Power

For many years, scientists believed that your brain was a static, hard-wired organ, but the study of neuroplasticity has proven otherwise. Your brain is forming new connections and growing new brain cells everyday. Research suggests that when you practice a variety of specific brain-related activities you have the ability to transform your health, finances, career, and relationships.

Stop Your Self-Esteem From Sabotaging Your Success

These mental and emotional Innercise® exercises can reduce negativity and unproductive thoughts, eliminate unneeded fears and uncertainty, lower feelings of stress and anxiety, and increase levels of confidence and certainty.

Achieve More Than Ever Before

To achieve more success and enjoyment in life, you need to unlock different parts of your brain. Learn how to ignite the motivational circuits in your brain rather than the well-worn fear circuits and experience a new way of living.

How to Get Unstuck

What does it really take to get unstuck in life or in business? You’ve got to align your mindset, your skill set, and your action set.

There Are Only 4 Things In Your Way (Not 100)

The only things standing between you and the life of your dreams are your self-image, your fears, your stories/excuses, and your attachment to the false idea that you don’t know enough. Once you eliminate these, you start achieving more than you ever thought possible.

The Science of Motivation

You know you should exercise. Why don't you? You know you could be eating better. Why don't you? You know how to make more money. Why aren't you? John explains the science behind what blocks us from taking action and achieving our goals, and how to move past those blocks to access our motivation.

Every Human Being Is An Addict

We live life addicted to our fears and the stories that limit us from achieving all we’re capable of. John explains how to recognize our addiction to our old thought patterns, emotions and behaviors and create a new way of living.

Lose the Weight You Hate

Recently, a group of professors from San Diego State University did a review of the effects of mindfulness-based techniques on binge eating. What they found was that the studies showed effects of large magnitude. In just under 20 minutes a day, you can build the mental strength to change your physical life forever.
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