John Assaraf


John Assaraf

Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power

Behavioral and mindset expert John Assaraf taps into the latest brain science to help people achieve more than ever before in new “Innercise” book

The latest scientific findings establish that you can transform your life by changing your brain. Leading behavioral and mindset expert John Assaraf introduces an all-new, scientifically proven methodology for training and strengthening your mindset and emotional skills so you achieve more in life than ever before in:

“Innercise: The New Science to Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power”

“’Innercise’ helps people pinpoint and eliminate the real mindset or emotional obstacles that are holding them back from achieving their life’s goals and dreams,” John says. “The focus is on self-esteem, self-worth, and eliminating the fears that hold you back, along with the stories or excuses that keep you from achieving your greatest victories and fullest potential.”

“Innercise” includes cutting-edge tools and techniques to:

* Recognize and release any mental or emotional obstacles that hold you back from achieving your biggest goals and dreams.
* Increase your self-confidence and self-worth.
* Train your brain to focus on exactly how you will achieve your goals, instead of why you can’t.
* Eliminate any inner block, such as fear of failing, embarrassment, shame, or judgment.
* Enjoy life with greater significance, purpose, and meaning.
* Turn any fear into your fuel for success.
* Remove self-doubt and gain more certainty.
* Acquire more self-discipline and develop empowering habits.
* Strengthen your mindset and become unstoppable.


John is also the founder and CEO of NeuroGym. Research suggests that when you practice a variety of specific brain-related activities, you have the ability to transform your health, business, finances, career, and relationships. NeuroGym uses the latest brain science and technologies to help people achieve positive, lasting change in these and other areas. Innercise® is the brain-retraining process NeuroGym uses to help people create these impactful results.

“NeuroGym’s ‘Innercising’ methods help you adopt powerful new beliefs, habits, and behaviors to solve old problems quickly and efficiently,” says John. “Moreover, ‘Innercising’ applies practical mindset-training techniques shown through scientific research to improve mental and emotional skills.”

The evidence-based NeuroGym Innercise® techniques include:

* Cognitive priming.
* Success meditations.
* Visualization.
* Guided hypnotherapy.
* Subliminal programming.
* Behavioral modification techniques.
* Positive habit creation

“Everything we teach is science-based and proven to be effective,” John says. “We work with world-renowned brain and success experts to create our programs; we focus on brain training techniques and technologies that upgrade people’s mindset, skillset, and behaviors; and we have coaching communities that support people 24/7. We believe that by helping you win the inner game within your head, we will help you have the greatest impact on your family, friends, and the world.”

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PRESS RELEASE 08/07/18 Book Helps People Unlock Hidden Brain Power

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